Coaching Team

Patrick Escobar

Learning to play the game of tennis in the Philippines, Patrick Escobar began his junior tennis career at a very young age. Patrick was ranked among the top junior players in Manila, competing in various regional tournaments throughout the country. Following his junior career, Patrick continued his on-court success by playing on the Men's Circuit, sponsored by the Philippine Tennis Association (PHILTA). 

Patrick began his coaching career in the Philippines at numerous private clubs and schools within the region. He is a member of the Philippine Tennis Association (PHILTA) and is a certified tennis coach.

His other qualifications include:
- the RPT Europe and International Professional Tennis Director Certification
- Estess Athletic University Level 5 Coaches Certification
- Professional Tennis Coaches Association Certificate of recognition regarding RPT Education Program
- International Coaches Institute Tennis Professional Certification

Patrick has joined Savitar team, coaching at the United World College of South East Asia – Dover. He offers first-class tennis instruction and experience to kids’ of all ages and levels.

Patrick earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and an Associate’s degree in Health and Science Education.