Coaching Team

Michael Bromley

Michael Bromley (Head Professional)

Coaching Qualifications & Experience

Coaching Experience 30 years.
Qualified RPT, National Professional Coach.
Certified Professional Tennis Registry Instructor.
Certified American Coaching Academy Member.
Has been coaching at largest and most prestigious clubs in United Arab Emirates.
Fmr Tennis & Fitness Manager at Hayman Island Resort, Queensland Australia
Playing Experience
Played N.C.A.A Division and Collegiate tennis at No 1 Singles/ Doubles for Toledo University, U.S.A.
Had ranking of No. 28, Under 21 in Great Britain. National Age group player.
Kent, U.K County player.
Playing highlights include wins over Swedish Davis Cup players in Doubles Events, United Arab Emirates Doubles Champion and Mixed Doubles, Abu Dhabi Champion over 45.
Coaching highlights include: 
- Coaching to numerous title holders in United Arab Emirates, both Junior and Senior.