United World College of South East Asia - Dover Campus 

United World College of South East Asia, Dover Road has nine flood lit hard courts. All Tennis Programmes within the school are managed and run by Savitar. This is a unique facility as it has such a high number of courts and is open to the public during the evening and weekends.

Savitar runs an extensive school tennis programme at Dover, which is one of the biggest and best in Asia. This includes all school team training, off season training, group programmes for beginner through to advanced, holiday camps, overseas tours and private coaching. Many programmes including Saturday morning group coaching, adult groups, privates and holiday camps are open to Non UWCSEA as well as UWCSEA.

Niki Tippins is the Director of Tennis at United World College of South East Asia and is supported by a high level team of Savitar Coaches - Roberto Roldan, Johan Kriek Guba and Patrick Escobar. 

Saturday Morning Junior Group Coaching ( Open to UWCSEA and NON UWCSEA Students)
The saturday morning group coaching programme is available for all ages and levels from 4 years to 16 years. It runs all year long, however is broken into 4 seasons with breaks during the holidays. Season 1 starts on the 20th August, 2016 and will run for  8 weeks with the last weekend 5th November. This group coaching programme is open to UWCSEA and non UWCSEA students.  Please click here for all information and to register.

School Team, phoenix squad and Weekday Paid Activities 2016/17 (Open to UWCSEA Only)
The information for all group programmes during the week including School Teams, phoenix squad and Paid Activities is available below or click here.  You sign up through the online school activity sign up prior to the season starting.

For detailed information on all programmes at UWCSEA Dover see below:

UWCSEA Dover Weekday Tennis Schedule and information for all levels including school team and development
Coaching Pathway - Stages and Levels
Saturday Group Coaching - Open to UWCSEA and NON UWCSEA
Private Lessons - Open to UWCSEA and NON UWCSEA
Summer Tennis Camps 2017
Adult Group Coaching Programme
UWCSEA Dover Coaching Team
Phoenix Squad (For School Team Players)

For further information or inquires, please contact the UWCSEA Director of Tennis, Niki Tippins at:

niki@savitar.sg or HP: 9173-5142