•    Tennis Feel @ the Savitar Tennis Centre

    The Savitar Tennis Centre at the Fairmont Hotel has been very busy since opening up in early March. 
    We've been so privileged to meet tennis lovers from all over, one of those being Tomaz from Tennis Feel who conducted some of his
    online tennis tips at the centre.  Click here to see what he has to say!

  •    Tennis Pops Up @Orchard Road

    As the largest professional coaching and tennis events company in Singapore, Savitar is proud to have been chosen to manage and implement recent events with the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), World Sports Group (WSG), The Singapore Tourism Board (STB), and other sporting and corporate bodies. 


    The successful delivery of these world-class events in the lead up to the Women’s Tennis Championships 2014 has certainly kept us very busy and ensured we are on top of our game!


    The proverbial ball was set in motion in September of 2014 when the Singapore Tourism Board enlisted the services of SAVITAR to help create a sports centric environment by closing off Singapore’s busiest road.  The event took place on October 4th from 7pm-10pm. 


    The first of it’s kind, on-road tennis event took place on the main straight of Orchard Road (600m) between ION to Ngee Ann City / Paragon to Tangs where a variety of tennis and family oriented activities were opened free to the public.  


    With the help of 44 of our professional and assistant coaches, students and core management team, Savitar set up 30 mini tennis courts, a full sized adult court, 14 activity booths for public enjoyment and an entertainment area with live bands – all in just 60 minutes!


    The 2 hour event drew crowds of over 3000 people who tried their hand at tennis with on site professional coaches showing them how; took on the Zumba Tennis Challenge and walked away with goodie bags and enjoyed a number of activities where limited edition prizes were handed out. 


    The Adult court raised awareness for the Wheelchair Tennis Association who displayed an incredible match with members of the public and other tennis players alike.


    Children were entertained on a vigorous sports challenge bouncy castle activity, a prize wheel and an age appropriate coloring competition, amongst many other very entertaining activities.


    Our Junior Tennis Tournament League U10s and U12’s played a series of matches in an official Mini Tournament on Orchard Road which saw our little stars win fantastic tennis gear from Wilson and Compress Sport!


    Aside from creating additional hype for the Women’s Tennis Championships, the team ensured a safe environment for the public to experience and participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity to play tennis on possibly one of the world’s most iconic streets.



  •    Tennis Fit, Discover and Master Tennis


    Adult programmes at the Swissotel/Fairmont Hotel:

    Discover & Master Tennis in a fun way and enjoy maximum improvement in your game. Ideal for newcomers to intermediate

    Discover the new effective fitness trend with the Savitar Professional Coaching Team! Ideal for newcomers to advanced

    For further information please CLICK HERE.

  •    Miracle Tennis - NOW in Singapore!!

    The ''Miracle Tennis'' system is one of the best tennis practice device on the market. It is a tennis backboard that is perfect to groove your tennis strokes. It is an alternative to hitting against a wall. First of all it is not always easy to find a tennis wall, and hitting against a wall can be very challenging. The harder you hit, the harder it comes back. This makes long rallies difficult and therefore tough to groove the strokes.

    With the Miracle Tennis, no matter how hard or soft you hit the ball, it will always come back with the same speed, with an extremely consistent bounce. This allows the player to hit 20, 30 or more shots in a row with varying pace and spin. The perfect way to groove your strokes!

    The Miracle Tennis can be set up in a very small area, such as your drive way, terrace or any open space. You only need an area of about 3m x 4m.

    With a number of challenging drills and exercises, you can have a great tennis workout in 20 minutes and develop the most important technical aspects of your game at the same time.

    For further details, you can contact Frank Bruinsma at hp (65) 98175492 or email at [email protected]